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How the Dianstreet Dropship Program works
Once your application has been approved and you have been assigned an ID code, please collect payment from your customer and then purchase the requested Dianstreet products from dianstreet

Benefits of the dianstreet Dropship Program
When you apply to become a dianstreet Dropshipper, you’ll gain immediate access to all the following

  • No inventory to purchase or stock
  • Access to downloadable/copy & paste Product image, Product list, Product Descriptions, Drop ship
  • price and many more
  • Free Shipping

Terms and Conditions of the Dianstreet Dropship Program

  • Dropship Program is available for all Dianstreet Product listed at www.dianstreet.com.
  • Dropship Program is available for shipping to Malaysia Addresses and some selected country only.
  • Dropship Program is available only to authorised wholesalers with approved applications on file.
  • Authorised Wholesalers are responsible for applicable shipping and handling fees.
  • Authorised Wholesalers may choose to set the prices for their customers, however they must not be set below the Dianstreet (Minimum Advertised Price) indicated on the Master Product list.
  • Drop ship orders are subject to stock on hand.
  • You must use acceptable and ethical marketing techniques. Spamming will not be tolerated and may result in cancellation of your account.
  • Dianstreet agree to drop ship Dianstreet product to your customers, upon notification of the order and relevant payment to dianstreet. A tracking number of goods will be provided to you incase follow up is required.
  • You acknowledge that Dianstreet wholesale prices and freight charges are subject to change from time to time.
  • Dianstreet Drop Shipping service is absolutely free you only pay for your order.
  • Your order will be process once the payment received. Please be reminded that cut of time will be at 2pm and sent out within 24 hours of receiving payment. You will be notified when your order has been dispatched.
  • Please be inform that all orders must be place before 2pm (Monday to Friday) everyday together with the payment. if the orders and payment receive after 2pm (Monday to Friday) everyday it will be process the next working days. In the event when orders fall on Saturday, Sunday and Public Holiday, it will also be process the next working days.

As a member of the Dianstreet Drop Ship Program, You are welcome to use your ID code to purchase products for yourself or others at the discounted rate. Any misuse of this ID code will result in permanently and immediately being dismissed from the program. Misuse includes, but is not limited to, Sharing or advertising the ID code, buying in bulk to resell to unauthorised wholesalers and etc.


By Clicking this you are hereby agree and accept with the term and conditions written above.