Almost every discipline that offers a degree program in the US and UK also has some form of Master’s degree. These are typically two-to-three year programs designed to take the basic training and knowledge provided in a Bachelor’s setting and shape it into a specialised and more nuanced understanding of a specific focal area within the discipline. For example, taking an English degree further, by specialising in rhetoric, literary interpretation, or creative writing.

What is a Master’s Program?

At its core, a master’s program is designed to strengthen the student’s skill set and elaborate that student’s knowledge in a particular discipline and to teach that discipline’s established professional methods. Because of that, it can be difficult to pin down a single program description that holds true across all master’s programs. After all, degrees in the sciences, arts, fine arts, and specialised programs like business, all have very different needs and focuses, and this means that they will be specifically formulated to reflect the kinds of work done in those disciplines.